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WSSI’s Cedar Run 2 in its 9th growing season and Cedar Run 2A in its 7th growing season in 2009

WSSI’s Cedar Run 2 in its 9th growing season and Cedar Run 2A in its 7th growing season in 2009

  • Join us at the Mid-Atlantic Stream Restoration Conference in Baltimore on September 21 at 1:30 p.m., as WSSI’s Jennifer Van Houten presents Building a Better Bridge between Science and Practice – How One Initiative is Making a Difference.  She will discuss how the Wetland Research Initiative (WRI) came to fruition and what we’ve learned from the WRI as it relates to compensatory mitigation efforts – specifically how design, construction, and monitoring practices can be modified to improve the performance, in terms of functions and values, of compensatory mitigation. 

    She will also discuss how we choose research topics, how we’re communicating results to practitioners, and how the initiative could be expanded to improve stream restoration design and practice. 

    Immediately following at 2:10 p.m., WSSI’s Stephen Stone will present Wetbud – A Design Tool for Creating Wetland Water Budgets. Wetbud is a new tool for estimating wetland water budgets using available weather data and site-specific topographic, soil and geohydrologic data, coupled with mass balance mathematics; it’s primarily intended as a planning tool for use in the design of created wetlands but it can also be applied to native wetlands where the required input parameters can be specified. Wetbud is available for public use as freeware from and runs in Windows environments.

    Please contact Jennifer for more information about the Wetland Research Initiative, or Stephen for more information about Wetbud.

  • The lobby of the new Hotel Indigo features WSSI's Ed Johnson's drawing of the colonial-era ship WSSI discovered there and excavated.
  • WSSI hosted a seminar on the Nationwide Permits and State Program General Permit on April 20; click here for the recorded presentations and the speakers' slides. 
David Olsen (USACOE) talked about the 2017 Nationwide Permits

David Olsen (USACOE) talked about the 2017 Nationwide Permits

News & Updates

WSSI archeologists found these small beads at the Lyndham Hill site in Fairfax County, Virginia. 

WSSI archeologists found these small beads at the Lyndham Hill site in Fairfax County, Virginia. 

  • From The Washington Post: WSSI archeologists have discovered historic burial remains in Old Town and are working with the client, the City of Alexandria, and the Virginia Department of Historic Resources to determine appropriate action. 

  • Mark Headly, PWS, PWD, LEED AP (WSSI's Operations Manager) received an "outstanding" rating from his students at the Engineers & Surveyors Institute. Mark has taught a class focused on Waters of the U.S., Chesapeake Bay preservation areas, and permitting for nearly 20 years, over which the regulatory environment has changed significantly. 

  • Small wonders:
    Beads uncovered by WSSI archeologists at a slave dwelling are on display in The Smithsonian National Museum of Natural History's Objects of Wonder exhibit. These petite artifacts were recovered thanks to WSSI's use of best practices (in this case, waterscreening soils through smaller mesh) when standard techniques may not have detected such small items.

  • WSSI is pleased to announce the opening of our Central Virginia office. Rebecca Napier, PE will lead our operations there; she's joined by Michael Elander, PE and Beth Silverman Sprenkle, PWS. 

  • The Virginia Coastal Policy Center has recently released The 2016 Stormwater Bill: An Analysis of Perceived and Real Problems with Proposed Solutions.

  • John P. Mullen, Principal Archeologist for Thunderbird Archeology, a division of Wetland Studies and Solutions, Inc. was given the 2016 Outstanding Professional Archeologist award – the Ben Brenman Award – by the City of Alexandria on October 5.  John was recognized for his work on the Hotel Indigo project along with Dr. George Schwarz of the Naval History and Heritage Command’s Underwater Archeology Branch and Michael Wilson of Carr City Centers, the developer of the project.  The discovery and excavation of the colonial-era ship in winter 2015-2016 garnered international attention. Click here to learn more about the project.

  • WSSI's Energy Balance article was featured in Stormwater Magazine.

  • The wetlands restoration project at Huntley Meadows Park won an Environmental/ Conservation Award from the National Association of County Park and Recreation Officials (NACPRO). Click here to read more information. 

  • The research website for the Huntley Meadows restoration  project is now up and running. Click here to explore!

  • WSSI has been working with The Peterson Companies and Maryland DNR to restore bass habitat in Smoots Bay. Click here for more information.
  • WSSI was featured as a "Stormwater Champion" in Water  Environment Federation's Stormwater Report. Click here!
  • Land and Water Magazine has a feature article on WSSI's Huntley Meadows Restoration.
  • WetBud is the first water budget model that combines the best facets of all known models into a windows-based computer program that is user friendly with an instruction manual. Click here to download the software and then sign up by clicking here.